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    1. CN

      Gret Products

      The company has a good quality reputation in the market. The company passed the ISO9001 quality management system Certification, ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certification, GB/T280001 Occupational Health and Safety Management All low-voltage electrical products produced by the company have been recognized by the relevant national certification authorities for CCC (ie 3C) Certificate of certification. A number of product applications and patents (designs, utility models) have formed a unique The Gret product style.

      1. 33800Total area occupied(㎡)
      2. 300Now has employees
      3. 20%Technical staff
      Make Gret a socially respected company
      Meet customer needs and pursue excellence

      Build an excellent supplier of power solutions

      Continuous improvement, the pursuit of excellence, and strive to build an excellent supplier of global power solutions



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